Chickens are a great addition to any garden. Friendly, interesting and affordable, chickens, can be kept in most gardens with only simple equipment needed to house and keep them. As chickens are social animals, they should be kept in pairs or more and they respond well to human contact – making them ideal pets. They are fun, attractive animals to have around but as with any animal you are making a commitment to their welfare when you offer them a home (see ***).  They will be very interested in what you are doing when working in the garden and will follow you round to see what you might dig up.  The clucking and the small noises made by contented birds is very relaxing and comforting. With undemanding care and attention these fascinating animals will provide you with delicious fresh eggs and a lot of entertainment. Some people enjoy keeping and breeding fancy breeds, which they can show. Some of these show birds are really spectacular in appearance with brightly coloured plumage, but the majority of people just keep them as pets with the added luxury of an everlasting supply of fresh eggs into the bargain. It’s debatable (unless you are very thrifty) that the saving you make by collecting your own “free” eggs pays to keep your own hens. What you can do is enjoy the other benefits of keeping your own chickens and know it is not actually costing you anything to enjoy a superior product that are the freshest eggs as possibly can be.